LTTA Adana September 2022

ADANA LTTA mobility tool 26.9.2022 – 2.10.2022

Description of the activity: 


An Immersive learning experience with a 3D education system


  • Learning Through Innovation- Getting familiar with topics created by a combination 3D Stereo Animated Video, Simulation, and Interactive.
  • Presentation of 3D Animated lessons by teams
  • Co-Space Presentation
  • Preparing a sample lesson with Co-Space
  • Presentation of sample lesson plans by teams
  • Visiting Private School ‘’ERAL COLLEGE’’
  • Information Technologies Laboratory
  • Picking Strawberries with a Camera: ‘’I collect 3D strawberries using the camera function with 2D coding’’.
  • Visiting Çukurova University
  • Canoe Trip at Seyhan River
  • Presentation of HaloCode
  • Developing projects by using HaloCode
  • Presentation of Miro Whiteboard Application
  • Putting Adana Activities on Miro Whiteboard (each country)
  • Evaluation and Reflection
  • Meeting for planning next mobility Certificate Ceremony

How is participation in this activity going to benefit the involved participants? 

The involved participants will enhance their digital literacy and learn more about innovative approaches in the 21st century. They will have the opportunity to compare their educational system and reshape their teaching and learning practices. They will all have cross-cultural integration and learn to respect various cultures and languages. They will also improve their English because the common language among the participants is English. They will add value to their teaching practices through learning various implementations.

The material used and produced at LTTA

A few examples of programming outputs made on the Makeblock platform as links: