LTTA Iceland November 2022

Web 2.0 tools, Erasmus+ Steam for all

Description of the activity:

  • Describe the content, methodology and expected results of the activity.
  • How is it going to be related to or integrated with the normal activities of the involved schools?

In the 21st century, conventional teaching are being left behind or integrated with new teaching approaches that allows both students and teachers to become more equipped for being interactive, cooperated and creative. Due to the technological advancements, students need technology based teaching approaches in their learning process. Thus, teachers are embracing new technological tools and using them in their teaching practices. With this LTTA we plan to take awareness to technology-based approaches in teaching and learning process.

First Day

Using Online Mind Maps for Class Brainstorms activities will be held in a group work with the participants. Teachers will work together to brainstorm ideas as a way to strengthen lessons or start a problem-based learning exercises.

Second Day

Using Scratch to create games in different subjects. Teachers will use to create their own games. They will presents their games to other colleagues and evaluated. Teambuilding with the Teacher at Víkurskóli Students divided into three (I, II, III) Workshop groups – working in STEAM-related Workshops

Third Day

Using BeeBot to enhance critical thinking, problem solving skills and collaboration. The teachers will be seperated into groups and they will use Beebot on big map.

On the map they will code the Beebot and play a game to find their ways on the map. Workshops I-III for students in Víkurskóli with art and craft teachers Teachers mentoring -Cricut -Lasercut – Glowforge -Touch pad

Fourth Day

An expert from university will be invited to give training about technology-based teaching approaches. After the training the participants will divided into groups and make animations, e games and mindbmaps. Workshops for students I-III continued….. Lecture for teachers on Formative assessment

Fifth Day

Four days activities will be evaluated. Host country will implement questionnaire to the participants. Certificate ceremony.

Expected Results:

  • The participants will get aware of technology-based teaching approaches.
  • They will create educational materials.
  • They will enhance their 21st century skills such as creativity, alghoritmic thinking, problem solving skills, communication, cooperative work.
  • They will have chance to compare and share their teaching practices with their colleagues.
  • The participants will reshape their practices with the knowledge of technology-based classroom approach.
  • They will learn how to integrate technology into their context.
  • They will have chance to observe different classroom atmosphere and education system.
  • They will gain EU value and cross-cultural integration.
  • They will benefit from Europass mobility certificate and attendance paper.

The material used and produced at LTTA